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Classrooms For Multiple Disabled Students


The Preble County Educational Service Center offers educational services for students with Multiple Disabilities, from elementary school through high school. Currently, we operate four MD classrooms on behalf of four Preble County school districts.Two of these arelocated in the Twin Valley South K-12 complex, one in Tri-County North High School, and one at the ESC Alternative School. Students attending these classrooms are assigned by their Individual Education Plan Teams because of severe needs requiring more constant one on one direction and assistance. As a result, we maintain a low student to staff ratio in each classroom. The classrooms serve students whose primary disability is moderate, severe or profound Multiple Disabilities or Autism.

All of our Intervention Specialists in the MD program are certified highly qualified by the State Department of Education. Every classroom hasassistants who help implement lessons and assist students in a variety of self- care needs. The assistants also attend to the physical or health care needs of the students. Each classroom provides education to the students based on their individual needs in alignment with the Ohio Content Standards.

We believe all students can learn regardless of their disabilities and that they should be given the opportunity to succeed at their own pace. The students may receive all types of therapy including occupationaltherapy, physical therapy, speech and language services, adapted physical education, and orientation and mobility. Students also interact with typical peers in a variety of settings throughout the school.